Posted by: wildswimmers | March 28, 2016

Equipment overdose

I’m always boasting to people that “the only thing you need in order to go swimming is a swimsuit”.  So on doing a spring tidy up of my swimming things I was mortified to find that I have, amongst other things, 11 swimming hats, 4 helmets, 16 swimsuits, 2 dressing gowns, 3 changing robes, 6 pairs of flip flaps, 6 swim-bags, 4 fleece trousers, 4 shortie wetsuits and 1 swimming wetsuit!  This doesn’t include flippers, slippers, gloves, vests, long johns, onesies, masks, night lights, thermometers, and lambswool sweaters, scarves, socks and hoods.  Much of this “stuff” is for using after a swim, to get warm or keep warm.  But still – it’s ridiculous!!!!

Colourful costumes

Pink flip flaps, Loch Sween

Zingy goggles

Wardrobe 2013

This is all you really need……



  1. We’ll have to start calling you Corazone Aquino- (who had 15,000 pairs of shoes) before her regime crashed down around her ears in the 1980s).
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  2. you didn’t mention that on a cold winter’s day you might well be wearing the whole lot all at once!


  3. Sometimes you don’t even need a swimsuit 😊 or maybe just a towel….


    • Yes! Like yesterday for instance….

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      • We’ll done…..


      • Yes! Tell us more……


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