Posted by: wildswimmers | November 27, 2012

Arctic icebreaker swim

Just about re-adjusted after a 10 day break from swimming.  A sunny frosty icy day and I decided to do an ice swim in the upper reaches of Loch Scotnish, where ice formed a thin layer over most of the loch, and icy water flowed in from the burn.  The Swift Swimmer came to observe and call for help if needed.  Gingerly I launched myself into the frigid water, gasping with pain and shock at how cold it was (probably about 4 or 5 degrees).  My breath formed little clouds all around me as I swam out to the ice and pushed through the slushy layers.   The sensation was of being nipped all over or being pricked by thousands of little needles.  I kept going, despite the pain in my hands, until I reached the thicker ice.  I thought it would be easy to break through, but it was pretty jaggy and by this time I was thinking maybe I’d like to get out!  So I swam back shorewards, my body beginning to adjust, but my hands still freezing.  “Perhaps 6 minutes is enough for the first time, I can always come back next week” I said to myself.   When I got back to the car the Swift Swimmer observed that I had some tiny bleeding cuts round my neck, from where I had tried to swim through the ice.  I hadn’t felt a thing!  And so ended my arctic icebreaker swim!  Next time I’ll be writing about something much more fun – the inauguration of Duggie’s wonderful HOT TUB!!!



  1. Beautiful photographs – I am looking forward to our first frosty mornings here in Somerset.


  2. Agree – great pictures. As to the ice breaking…you’re a brave woman


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